Barco Mediceo

Relax in the cosy and romantic atmosphere of the Hotel Barco Mediceo, surrounded by flowers, birds, olive trees, cypresses, peaks and enjoy a traditional heritage home which is decorated with our family’s antique furniture.  The magical fresh air creates a calm and friendly environment.

The Bed and Breakfast

Barco Mediceo is an ecological hotel located 25 km away from Florence, near Carmignano City and 9 km from Vinci (Leonardo Da Vinci’s birth place).  It is situated in the Medicea’s Road of Chianti’s Montalbano Wine. Placed in a beautiful natural protected reserve park, where approximately in the year 1600 the powerful Medici’s family, well known in Florence and the whole Tuscan region, used to go hunting.

The name Barco Mediceo” has renascent origins, in fact the word “Barco” means park or forest reserve. The Grand duke Cosimo III of Medici in 1626, built a 2 meters tall wall by 55km distance, so they would have privacy when hunting.  Part of this wall is still in our property.

The Medici family also hired a group of people, as a little army in order to protect their land and the hunted animals which were, at those times: deer, wild hogs and even bears.  Their army was called “I Birri” and they lived around the forest.  Today, our region has different species such as: wolves, squirrels, rabbits and wild pigs.

In the Hotel Barco Mediceo, the fields, peaks, ecological trails, viewing points and the native woods are the hosts of a beautiful place where the man meets a mixture of nature, art, history and gastronomy which invite you to take part of it.


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